Juan Pablo Galavis Makes My Friends Gay

I still believe in Lance Armstrong.

I still believe in Lance Armstrong.

You know that moment where you start to wonder about the future of your friendships. I get that bitches and gays love ‘The Bachelor’ TV show. Every one wants to find love…. blah blah bullshit.

Well the other day I went to my friend Scooby’s apartment and him and my other buddy JV were watching The Bachelor. Which Scooby recorded on his DVR. They were sharing a bottle of wine and discussing which girl JPG should fuck, not marry, but fuck.

And here is the kicker… they sat on the same couch together. Is Juan Pablo is making my friends gay?

[Image: Jan. 20, 2014 pg. 54 - Us Weekly]

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  1. Philly

    Well Scooby has a well documented 5 year span of gayness so this doesn’t surprise me. Scooby wouldnt even bang a hooker for free.

  2. Lady in Red

    I actually met Juan Pablo at the W in Miami. Totally player who has no respect for women.

  3. Fuck the bachelor

    You talk to jv again?


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